Art of the gods' Prints


While these iron-meteorite images can be printed, and would look attractive on many types of media, metal photographic prints, with their intense vibrance, exhibit what I consider to be the ideal media for this ancient artistry and art. The colors are rich and the images exhibit a high contrast.

Metal prints are produced through a process known as dye sublimation. The image is first reverse printed onto a special transfer paper which is then placed on top of an aluminum sheet which has been coated with a polymer layer. The transfer paper and aluminum sheet are placed in a press, and the two are then heated to nearly 400°F so that the inks on the transfer paper become gaseous and transfer to the polymer layer on the metal panel (several YouTube videos exist which show this process).

The durability of metal prints is excellent. While intended for indoor display (a special print is available for outdoor exposure), the prints are fade resistant and have been projected to last up to four times longer than archival silver halide photographic prints. The surface coating is tough and scratch resistant eliminating the need for a glass cover to protect it.

I have been polishing and examining iron-meteorites for several years but it was only recently that I discovered metal prints as a media. After printing a few, many friends suggested I make them available for others to enjoy as well. I am currently working with a number of art galleries to make this ancient art for sale and when arranged, I will provide links to these galleries. In the meantime, if you see something you really like, please email me and let me know so I can pass your information on to the galleries.

Whether you are looking through this portfolio because you have an interest in obtaining a print or you are just as fascinated as I am, by the varied and detailed structures, I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio.  I hope you come back frequently as I will update the site as new iron-meteorites are obtained and new samples are prepared.